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I can only conclude that someone reporting that Macklemore slept with men in the past thinks others will perceive this as something bad or scandalous. And guess what? I could care less. So what if he did? You do what you gotta do to survive in a cut-throat business. Although, Ryan Lewis is cuter! Who cares if he was. Lots of people did lots of stuff. Means nothing to me. Yes, Ryan Lewis is cute! Bet he is a cool guy too! I have no respect for escorts. Selling your body for money is deplorable, disgusting, and usually done for the purpose of buying drugs.

The tweet about Dykes vs Drag Queens is a fundraiser softball event in Seattle and those are the names of the teams. The tweets are from 5 years ago in and were published to try to discredit him.

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The same thing with this guy story about him being an escort. Also when he wrote Same Love, all the proceeds went to Prop 74 for marriage equality in Seattle, Washington at the time. The words to the song talks about him thinking he was gay when he was in the third grade so that seems like it was a topic of interest to him for a while. For there should be no shame in being gay or bisexual. BUT you should definitely feel shame for being an escort. And before anyone tries digging into my past. Yes, I was a gay porn actor.

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But I was an exhibitionist first. One who as I have said often wanted to be paired with guys I was actually attracted to. The money was a fringe benefit, not the priority. Hence why I know of the disgust that I speak of with escort. So I feel no shame in my being a predominately gay bisexual.

But I am smart enough, and respect sex enough to feel shame for those prostituting moments. LeNair Xavier: One day someone will expose my escorting past. Jimmy, the only people you respect are masculine, closeted, Republican men who hate themselves as much as you hate yourself. This story is BS!

I know, I sound like the annoying jimbryant, but this is a Qyeerty story used to fill space right after the big Grammy party. You got that shit right! Besides, that jb is a total attention getting wacked-job regurgitating diarrhea in every posting. He wrote a song criticize homophobia in the hip hop community, the hate him for winning and now rumors pop up with people gay bashing him.

Sounds like bs to me! I hate people who find a need to talk shit just because they have no life of their own! So what if he was? No big deal. Talent lies in many areas, and Macklemore has more than enough to go around. Judgemental prick. This site reeks of self loathing and internalised homophobia.

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Attacking our allies with this kind of shit says more about Queerty than it does about this lovely human being who is on our side. You Americans are truly fucked in the head.


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