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I work out every other day and am told I am handsome. I live in Chicago in a part of the city called Edgewater. Hmm … I make a decent salary and am employed as an account executive for a software company. My last significant relationship lasted 2 years and ended because we were both looking for something more. Not an uncommon reason for gay relationships to end I supposed. I downloaded all of the popular dating aps, like OK Cupid, Tinder and if truth be told — even some of the hookup aps like Scruff and Grindr. Here and there, I would set up dates with guys to see what might happen.

There were a few promising ones along the way; like the hunky lawyer named Rick that worked for a major firm downtown. But after going out on a few dates, he must have lost interest because I never heard from him again. And then there was Pete — a guy who I met on Scruff who was simply adorable. The only problem was that after meeting three times, he disclosed to me that he was a part-time male escort apparently I am not the only one this has happened to. And so after about a year, I started adding up the number of serious dates I had went on as a way of gauging my progress.

The one thing they all had in common was how they ended. Basically, communication just stopped happening. Some of it was because I lost interest and some of it was because they did.

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But all of them basically ghosted me in some form or another. It happens, right?

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Yeah, it does but when a dude you really like pulls that ghosting crap, it can really mess with your mind. If you have ever been ghosted, you know exactly what I mean. It sucks because they leave you holding a bag of questions. Am I fat? Do I look to old?


Do I suck in bed or something? I mean what ever happened to just telling the person how you really feel and moving on?


Why leave someone hanging like that? Adam is the type of guy that turns heads whenever he goes by.

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  6. He looks a lot like the actor Cam Gigandet — you know — icy blue eyes, muscular physique and a million dollar smile. I can still remember having coffee with him outside at a local Starbucks during a warm summer day. He wore a wife-beater and shorts — enough to show off a highly sculpted chest and biceps, replete with a hairy chest and tats covering his right bicep. stats and valuation

    He is that good looking. But what I liked about Adam that went beyond his handsome good looks. The real attraction was how stable he was — well — seemed to be. He has a good job as a gymnastics teacher and owns his own condo.

    Not bad for a guy who is years old and living in a big city like Chicago. I guess the last thing is that that the both of us seemed to share a lot of common interests — such as working out, a love for extra crispy sausage pizza and Star Trek movies. And believe it or not, we both were born at the same hospital — Northwestern. So we dated one another for about three months. He would regularly overnight at my place and I at his. Website Information. Meet gay men near you. on

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    6. DNS Report. IP Address Information. Server IP Whois Record. Florida Registrant Country: US Registrant Email: Select Contact Domain Holder link at https: Profile pictures are generally a lot more tame here than on some other sites. The profiles themselves are quite detailed and focus on physical prowess and musculature, as well as which gyms members use. You also get all the usual stuff to do with what they're like and who they'd like to meet.

      In addition to looking out for verified profiles, the profile displays when a member was last on the site, which lets you know whether they're still around or not. Look out for testimonials too, but there aren't too many profiles with these. There are three basic search options to find members. Simple search is a keyword search, whilst full search allows you to stipulate a range of criteria including age range, location and member name. You can also filter results so you're left just with members currently online, new profiles, members with photos, recently updated profiles, verified members and 'hottest jocks'.

      Advanced search allows you to go even further and specify a range of physical characteristics and filter them with the above criteria. When you find a profile you like, you can contact them by email, or request IM chat, which allows you to connect and chat in real time. There are also additional ways to connect; e. There are also chat rooms, but these were fairly quiet 68 online at the time of this review and chat was limited to exercise and workouts.

      As mentioned, all of this is free when you sign up. Other features include a gay topic blog featuring workout plans, nutritional advice, sex and relationships, HIV, entertainment and news , forums with similar topics and workout plans to turn you into Charles Atlas within a fortnight. Nobody will kick sand in your face again. In terms of value, as it's all free then it's great value. If you have any problems, there's an email form. Don't expect too much from the help section, as it's a little brief with limited cover.

      If you're looking for a jock, be selective and take advantage of the unrestricted features on offer here. Our Star Ratings: Membership and all features are free. It's completely free to become a member and access the site's features. It takes just a minute or two to sign up and create a basic profile. Upload public and private photos to your profile. Browse thousands of member profiles to get in touch with gay men near you. Use simple, general and advanced search features to help you find the right people for you.

      Access member forums and discuss fitness, health and gay lifestyle issues. Read topic pages on workout tips, exercise programs, nutrition, etc. Easily manage your member profile and account settings.