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Ate one night in Taste, the regular dining room and thought the food was pretty good there too. We did breakfast almost every morning at either Taste or Savor and thought they were great. Service was good too. The ship is easy to navigate. Sometimes elevators are a bit full but another one comes along fairly quickly.

Thought embarkation and debarkation were very easy. Everyone on the ship always has a smile and really tries hard to make your experience a good one. The Observation lounge is a great place to hang out plus they serve food all day long and there is a bar if you want a drink. As the week went along, more people found this treasure.

They have comfortable furniture for reading and just watching the water. Neither of us had the drink package but we did notice that with all the people that did have it, bars were open everywhere on the ship all day long.

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When we were on Celebrity, it was pretty hard to find a bar open during the day except at the pool. Loved the outside deck that surrounds the specialty restaurants. Great place to hang out on the couches or to take a walk or get a drink. Really nice atmosphere and great place to watch the sun rise or set.

On other ships this type of deck view is blocked by the life boats. The boats are on deck 7 on the Bliss a deck below Deck 8 where the specialty restaurants are. The ship definitely has places to view the water all the time; something that was lacking on Royal Caribbean's mega ships.

On that ship, I felt like I was floating on an island where I rarely saw the water. NCL knows how to bring the ocean into the cruise experience especially when you eat outside at the specialty restaurants. Now here are my cons about the ship. I was surprised parents let their little ones hang out there Actually we found the music was too loud almost everywhere.

Couldn't hear the words to the music when bands played. Only the instruments. Love the adult solarium on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. NCL has a small adult area with chairs and a bar. The only problem is there is no shade even with 3 or 4 small umbrella's. Too bad cause that would have been great. Now for the shows.

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I liked Jersey boys although its a shorter version of the Broadway production. I left 15 minutes into Havanna. I couldn't get into it. Saw the comedienne's. Hard to get into The Social Club so appreciated the show that happened in the theater one time during the week. Liked the Beatle's tribute although again the music was so loud in a tiny venue. I missed a regular show that you could catch at either 7: You always had to make reservations for the shows and they didn't always coincide with the times booked before you get on the ship at the specialty restaurants.

Lots of stuff happened in the atrium.

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It's way too small for the purpose it serves for some of the shows there like the Newlywed game. People were everywhere with no seats. The theater would be a better choice for that and later in the night. Overall, its a great ship that is staffed well. Like I mentioned earlier, the staff is always smiling and trying to make your experience a good one.

I would like to see the music at a decibel that doesn't bust your eardrums and make your ears ring along with a show you could see every night with a 7: Most shows were in the Atrium then There is something for every age on this ship for sure!!!! The Renewed Star is Better I chose this cruise because I cruise this week every year because of scheduling of my work. I also wanted to see how the refurbishment of the Star went. I can say this our Cabin had new carpet and lots of new charging stations that are I can say this our Cabin had new carpet and lots of new charging stations that are fantastic.

I was a bit concerned that we had a "Priv-a-sea" balcony in Cabin It however was a great option because I really like the wind barrier that it created and made my experience a nice one. I did notice that service in Speciality dining venues La Cucina, Cagneys and were rather slow without explanation. The food was ok except for the long waits between courses, Entertainment was topnotch and made me enjoy our nights out. Service in our stateroom was exceptional and our Steward was very attentive. The ports of Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta were great!

It is Great choice with great history and good food. The one thing that NCL really screwed up was Embarkation and debarkation. This left a bad impression coming on and leaving the ship. It would seem that a lack of communication for both events was evident. Fixing these events could otherwise make this a five star cruise for me. Horrible ship, bad service, bad food. November We have been using NCL for almost a decade, even had our wedding on Breakaway in , but Escape is same class ship tuned down on interior design.

Ship is simple design with no personally, practical floating hotel. We stayed in balcony We stayed in balcony room with a baby and toddler and it was OK, steward was OK, always busy and barely have time to anyone to talk. Management of the ship was an amazing crew, and anyone under was complete mess. Waiters in restaurants don't know what they doing and would screw up any simple order.

Food in restaurants was OK, but buffet food is awful, minimum choices, a lot of cheap meat, no seafood or even NCL signature Norwegian lox. Specialties restaurant's food was amazing, and pricey and will make your wallet cry! In 14 days cruise we had only 2 free show After Midnight, Brat Pack, second one did not made any sense.

Choir of Man show, is paid show with prefix dinner setting, was OK. We had one stop cancel due to 2 heliocopter lifts from the ship first two days with no explanation, and remaining stops were simple beach destinations. We end up spending more time on the ship due to cancelled stop, and there is nothing to do there. Overall experience of this cruise, is that NCL is cutting their cost by taking quality out of scope in any possible way they can. You must be using a touch-tone phone listed in your name, and must not block your telephone number to use this service.

For security reasons, when you use your membership, you must call from the same phone number used to purchase your membership. We regret that memberships purchased via our line cannot access our Manhole stories feature. Long distance charges will apply. Make your certified cheque or money order payable to: Pink Triangle Press, and be sure to include your membership number with your payment.

As soon as we have received your payment in the mail, your membership will automatically be activated with the time you purchased. For more information about our rates, specials, or for assistance with any of these payment options, please call our 24hr helpful customer service team toll free at All Rights Reserved. Im so excited only 3 days to go. Dale C.

Carnival will not post the FOD meetings in the Capers newletter, you will just have to let your Gaydar work it out for you, or else have someone else reply to your post on this site. Check out the photos of the embarkation and find the single men or coupled men or men with their moms Cruising with Mom beats cruising not cruising at all. February 11th, , Dale, I have cruised on Carnival ship and the staff and passengers we pritty much "gay friendly. Also gay men seem to use the gym, we met another gay group in aerobics class. Then there is always the steam room late at night Gary D.

It is sooo easy. Just look around. There are obvious couples all over the place. I usually spot several before we even leave port. I did a Christmas cruise on the Ryndham several years ago and there must have been 20 or more us dancing away in the disco most nights.

This past Christmas I was on the Legend of the Seas and -- same thing.

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By day 2 there were about a dozen gay guys hanging out together. Also, one gay couple was selected to be in the Newlywed Game show. They were fabulous, right down to the big on stage kiss. Don't be bashful or feel that you have to hide who you are. People go on cruises to relax. They tend to leave their prejudice on the dock. Oh, and by the way: I've done this a couple of times without difficulty.