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You are here: On this page. Testing for prostate cancer Treatments for prostate cancer Side effects of prostate cancer treatment HIV and prostate cancer Talking about your sexuality Including your partner, family or friends Getting more support References. Testing for prostate cancer Tests for diagnosing prostate cancer are the same for everyone. Digital rectal examination DRE This is where your GP feels your prostate through the wall of your back passage rectum. Prostate biopsy This involves using thin needles to take small pieces of tissue from the prostate.

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Treatments for prostate cancer There are several ways to treat or monitor prostate cancer. Side effects of prostate cancer treatment All treatments have side effects, and some of these may be particularly relevant to you as a gay or bisexual man.

Prostate cancer tests and treatment: Information for gay and bisexual men

Sexual side effects Treatments for prostate cancer can cause sexual side effects. These include: Talking about your sexuality Some men find that their doctor, nurse or radiographer assumes they are heterosexual. Including your partner, family or friends Many men find it helpful to bring a partner or friend with them to appointments for extra support. Getting more support Prostate Cancer UK's services are free and open to everyone, whether you are gay, bisexual, a trans person, heterosexual, single or in a relationship.

Gay Priests and the Lives They No Longer Want to Hide

Services include: Support groups Our online group discussions We're running a series of online groups for gay and bisexual men, and men who have sex with men. Other support groups There are also some support groups in the UK for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer. Out with Prostate Cancer Manchester. Find out more Out with Prostate Cancer - Midlands. Read more about support groups. References Updated: October Is rectal douching and sharing douching equipment associated with anorectal chlamydia and gonorrhoea?

A cross-sectional study among men who have sex with men. Sex Transm Infect. The Lancet [Internet]. Gay Men and Prostate Cancer: Invisible Diversity. J Clin Oncol. HIV Med. Cancer Research UK. Cancer incidence for common cancers [Internet]. Available from: Prostate cancer incidence statistics: Lifetime risk of prostate cancer [Internet]. Caregiving and social support for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer. The impact of physical activity on psychosocial outcomes in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: A systematic review. Health Psychol. Cornell D.

J Gay Lesbian Psychother. Department of Health.

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  4. Dowsett GW. Reprod Health Matters.

    Testing for prostate cancer

    A National Survey. J Gen Intern Med. Equality Act A Systematic Review. J Sex Med. Goldstone SE. Challenges for Sexual Health Providers: EAU guidelines on erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile curvature and priapism. European Association of Urology; Implications for future research. J Health Psychol. The cancer care experiences of gay, lesbian and bisexual patients: Eur J Cancer Care Engl.

    Clinical characteristics and outcomes of HIV-seropositive men treated with surgery for prostate cancer.

    Descriptive Characteristics for Gay Childless Men

    Int Urol Nephrol. A systematic review and meta-analysis of familial prostate cancer risk. BJU Int. Heteronormativity and prostate cancer: J Clin Nurs [Internet]. A Meta-Analysis. Predicting participation in and successful outcome of a penile rehabilitation programme using a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor with a vacuum erection device after radical prostatectomy. Development of UK recommendations on treatment for post-surgical erectile dysfunction. Int J Clin Pract. The effects of prostatic manipulation on prostate-specific antigen levels. Urol Clin North Am. Sexual rehabilitation after localized prostate cancer: Cancer J Sudbury Mass.

    Experiences and unmet needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people with cancer care: Lifetime risk of being diagnosed with, or dying from, prostate cancer by major ethnic group in England — BMC Med [Internet].

    A qualitative metasynthesis exploring the impact of prostate cancer and its management on younger, unpartnered and gay men. Management of Complications of Prostate Cancer Treatment. CA Cancer J Clin. Exercise interventions on health-related quality of life for people with cancer during active treatment. The Cochrane Collaboration, editor. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews [Internet]. Chichester, UK: Gay men as parents: Analysing resistant talk in South African mainstream media accounts of queer families. Jan Sex Cult. A survey of UK fertility clinics' approach to surrogacy arrangements.

    Jun A Neuropsychoanalytic Model. Dec Show more. Get access to 30 million figures. Join for free. Help center.

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    Imprint Terms Privacy. Log in. That some of the sex criminals were also responsible for directing vast sums of money to the Vatican — Maciel and McCarrick were legendary for their fund-raising — makes the toleration seem particularly cynical. We still do not know why, exactly, the traditionalist Benedict XVI decided to be the first pope to resign the office, but some were quick to note that he had compiled an extensive dossier on sexual abuse in the church … and yet somehow felt unable to act.


    Was he simply overwhelmed by the task, taken aback by the scale of it, and fearful that the entire church could collapse? Francis, in one of his first press conferences as pope, struck out on a different course. He reiterated the distinction between sins and crimes and, while denouncing abuse, did not insist on sexual perfection in the priesthood, as long as failures were confessed, sins absolved, and the priest was committed to a future of celibacy. Then he went further in allowing for good gay priests in the church: It also, perhaps, worried some powerful sex abusers, who recognized the role of the clerical closet in keeping everything quiet.