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So the house from which he left to become Head-Boy, found itself with two junior and only one senior prefect for that year. The reason I am telling you all this is that all the prefects, juniors and seniors alike, plus the Head-Boy were allowed to correct -- always with the cane and always on the bare arse -- any and all of the pupils at the school; a task which they for the most part readily adopted; usually with considerable enthusiasm.

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Add to this that each of the six Housemasters were also devoted users of the cane and the fact that the Headmaster too did not deprive himself of the pleasure of beating boys' arses when he saw the need, those of you readers who are mathematically minded will see that no less than thirty-one individuals at Frogmore were regular practitioners of the not-so-gentle art of corporal punishment; and in the main, they were jolly good at it!

CHAPTER 2 But as befitted a structured establishment such as Frogmore, all cane wielding arms were not equal and there were strict rules as to who could do what when it came to applying the cane.

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It was all based on the fact that the school Governors had decreed that the maximum number of strokes of either the cane or the birch, which latter was used exclusively by the Headmaster, was twenty-four cuts on any one occasion. So the Headmaster alone cherished -- and I choose the word carefully -- the privilege of being able to deliver twenty four strokes, which according to rumour he regularly did; in fact, he rarely did, but when he did, as I only once found out to my cost, it really was something else.

The six Housemasters and the Head-Boy were limited to eighteen strokes of the cane, whilst the senior prefects had to satisfy their often, all-too-obvious, sadistic streaks with only twelve strokes, with the junior prefects being limited to a parsimonious allocation six strokes only; and then only with a junior cane and on the boys of the first and second forms. However, where there's a will there's a way, as the old adage goes; so that even limited to only six cuts with a junior cane, most of the junior prefects managed to inflict considerable pain on the lads of the first and second years whom they enthusiastically thrashed whenever the opportunity presented itself.

And when opportunities were in short supply, the junior prefects showed considerable resourcefulness in inventing some. But of course exceptions were made to these rules as both the Housemasters and especially the Head-Boy occasionally petitioned the Headmaster for a derogation of their limit if they felt a boy deserved a stiffer dose of punishment to help him repent of his sins. And it has to be said that the Headmaster,who was a staunch believer in the beneficial effects of beating a boy's arse, very often gave his permission.

I often thought that the so-called beneficial effects were really felt by the prefects who in wielding he cane, were allowed to exercise their hidden sadistic tendencies to the full. I never knew a prefect who did not enjoy thrashing his schoolmates' arses nor a boy, being thus thrashed, who felt that he had benefitted from his beating. So Frogmore was a place where any boy's backside was in more or less permanent danger from an assault with the cane, which I suppose is how the place came to get its very apposite nick-name: You will have noticed that no mention has been made of the teaching staff and their involvement in what might be described as the corporal punishment stakes at Frogmore.

In fact, many of these masters were somewhat disgruntled by the way they were excluded from the beating brigade: To their disgust, they were totally forbidden to wield the dreaded rod of correction on the arses of their pupils for offenses committed in class and had to content themselves with handing out punishment slips, in much the same way as traffic-cops hand out citations for traffic violations, which give rise to what a cynic might describe as riches in heaven, in the form of a later punishment: In both cases, the recipient of the citation had the mental anguish of having to wait for his punishment.

At Frogmore, the Headmaster and the Head-Boy dealt jointly with the in-class miscreants immediately after supper on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at which times groups of lads could been observed standing outside one of the two study doors waiting to be called in to face the music. This was essentially a vocally-punctuated, percussion piece centred on the boy's arse; the music, if it can be called such, was played by either the Headmaster or the Head-Boy with a vigorously applied rattan cane and sometimes the birch; whilst the unfortunate recipient of these ministrations was free to emit howls of painful appreciation as the cane descended with its rhythmic regularity, creating a set of welts reminiscent of the bar lines of a musical score on the poor sod's naked arse.

Connoisseurs who were regulars at the thrice weekly performances, claimed that they could tell which cane was being used by the pitch of the swish as it descended through the air and distinctive crack it made as it mated with the naked arse of the victim; but that was probably apocryphal.

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But what might best be called a feature of the flagellation stakes at Frogmore, were the clothes in which boys summoned for punishment by either the Headmaster or the Head-Boy were obliged to present themselves for punishment. They were known as the appropriate attire, an appellation which some past Head-Master had given to the skimpy clothing in which he expected boys to present themselves to him.

It consisted of a pair of gym shorts, a gym vest and a pair of bedroom slippers and nothing else! You could easily see the sense of it, as the poor lad who was to be whacked entered the study, dropped his shorts and bent across the back of a chair and presented his bare arse to either the Headmaster or the Head-Boy for their percussive ministrations.

Henry Ford or any time-and-motion expert would have been proud to have thought up the idea as it greatly increased the throughput of arses which could be beaten in a given period. And it avoided totally the inevitable fumbling associated with making a boy take of his shoes, blazer, trousers and underpants to gain access to his backside, which at Frogmore, as in many other public schools, was always beaten naked; in public-school speak he was always beaten on the bare. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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