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Those days are gone. So when we discuss this issue I agree that it has become a very uninviting atmosphere everywhere. I do not recognise the palpable discontent of a community than I do now.

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A cult? Is your moniker for Christianity? You just make me curious as to why you are so anti-gay.

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I hope it is not Scientology. I live in a rural area in east Texas. We try various apps but of course most of them only want a hookup and the others usually live far away. Homosexuality is an inborn trait, which I first recognized in myself at the age of To win at this game you have to think strategically and understand that it is a cult. I really feel more at ease in the presence of straight men, who have shown me love. This is generally a sad and pathetic comment thread, with the comments from SonOfKings: Gee — several of us report that we DO have gay friends. Really, we do!

Maybe you guys could read what we wrote and maybe, possibly, learn something? Yes, you make a very good point. A learned aversion. They mostly seem quite young. In my experience, orgies only happen on Friday nights just in case you need the whole weekend, of course and you need the Official Gay Orgy Card to get in. Please go back and read.

I was speaking on behalf of Laura Spencer. From many of the postings it is apparent that many people agree with my comment. If your group of friends is literally trying to sacrifice you, you might actually be in a cult. Just last week I was at the gym, in the sauna, with two extremely attractive, hard-body built, straight boys who are brothers. Well anyway, we were having a nice conversation when a Gay male acquaintance entered the sauna and nearly lost his mind and control of his eyeballs. He just kept staring and licking his lips until he had to leave the sauna because his dcik was getting hard!

I pretty much exclusively prefer lesbians for friendships over the other options. The comments with photos are very realistic, thought provoking and informative. And the comments in this comment section are excellent too.

I love Scrabble and Monopoly perhaps childish I guess. But if I ask to top them, they are like sure! So it all comes down to liking the right board games. What a simpleton. While some people who have replied are over the top, the supposed well-adjusted gay guys who have friendship figured out boil it down to 1. Sex is cheap, 2.

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Have no standards. It is not normal to need to have sex first to establish a friendship. You can have no boundaries for the self. You are gay, pawn yourself out for a little social acceptance.

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Treat sex as special and be labeled a homophobe. You sound like the most tragic bitch alive. Find it hard to make gay friends? Gay republicans, gay self hating fake masculine idiots and tools who think they have it all figured out… like that clown lauraspencer. Another greatly insightful post from the queen of wisdom! Maybe you ought to grasp two good looking gay guys can be friends. But then again you probably think it is impossible. Of course, you are complaining because no gay man would want to be friends with you. And you know what is worth?

Gay men on here constantly degrading other gay men. Talk about a bunch of egotistical self righteous set of idiots nobody would ever want to be friends with! BikerPup, how about starting a site that is strictly for fun, sports, hiking, guitar jams, poker nights, film festivals? Same idea as other kinds of sites, but the emphasis would be on creating solid friendships. I now go to a gym nearby, frequented by mainly working class and unemployed locals: They talk to you.

Some of them want to meet up and do stuff. Sometimes that involves sex, but not necessarily. Most of the few gay friends I have are former lovers. I equate being gay with being bi-racial. When I moved here, the men were very friendly and would interact with you and actually have a conversation with you! I thought I left that scene years ago when I lived in Hollywood.

Never had problems making friends, the trick is to be able to see and choose the right people, it is a matter of taking a chance opening one self to others and people will respond in kind. It is also a capacity to draw lines, bottom line balance. Ideally, since we all have our short comings, education, emotional stability and intelligence. I never cared if my friends were gay or straight, male or female…….

Straight people are allowed, in the unlikely event they want to show up. Usually superhero-type flicks. Robby Robinson: That all depends on where you find your friends. Any smart gay man has a certain level of homophobia, its the only way to avoid the toxic gay subculture of permissive sex, drug use and permanent victimhood politics.

Definitely difficult to make gay friends unless you are willing to play along with the weird sexual politics and mind games prevalent in fruit loops. No wonder there are huge epidemics of syphilis, gonorrhea and various other sex diseases in the homosexual population. Thanks for sharing.

LOL at that username! What do you heavy lift? A krispy kreme donut into your mouth? People like you are so fake on so many levels. And they way you attack other gay people while piggy backing on progress that is being made, shows how much of a fucking bigoted asshole you really are.

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Go back into the closet because you do more damage than even anti-gay people do. He calls gay people fruitloops because his dad used the same language. Sex is a side issue. If it simplifies things, take sex out of the equation. Yes, you can be friends with someone you never had sex with.

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Nor do we talk about sex, much. The friendships are based on other interests. There are plenty of other things to talk about and to do.