Do gay guys go to heaven

I have a cousin who's gay. And you are exactly right: That is the sin of not believing and not receiving Jesus Christ into your life.

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A gay or homosexual person can accept Christ , just as an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a mass-murderer can accept Christ. Jesus' offer of salvation is open to everyone. Your question is whether someone can accept Christ, not change his lifestyle, and still go to heaven. The Bible teaches that if someone has truly accepted Christ into his life, nothing can keep him out of heaven. In John So, Lucy the real question, I believe, is whether your cousin had a life-changing experience with Christ.

Jesus said in Luke,.

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Is your cousin trying to overcome his homosexuality? If he is, that's a good sign that Christ is working in his life. God is the only one who truly knows our hearts.

It is strange how humans tend to think in the very direction they are telling themselves they should not think. They then believe they are destined to live a homosexual life because of the way the concept of homosexuality is portrayed in our society. It is not true that such a person is destined to such a lifestyle. If this is your case, please don't think that you are bound to be anything outside the normal, just as some thoughts about girls bodies or stealing does not necessarily mean you are an rapist or a thief. These are sinful thoughts, but do not tell you that you are doomed to a certain lifestyle.

Remember, homosexuality is not in the genes, even though the homosexuals try to convince people of this, but is rather a series of wrong choices and twisted thinking about one's identity. All of this may tell you that you need Christ, however. Christ can sort all of this out and make any person whole. Some people have gotten a great deal of help from an organization called Exodus International, I understand. The main thing, however, is to put your trust in Christ and turn from the desire to live a life separate from Him. Again, read carefully through the material on this site to help you in this search.

Don't ever doubt the power of God to make you entirely new, and to forgive you totally. Basic Questions Question.

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Thanks for your important question about homosexuality. Read what Paul said: He ends by saying this: I hope this helps you. Permission granted for non-profit reproduction with complete text, including copyright. All other uses require written permission. For more answers see our website at www.

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  • Basic Questions Question Can homosexuals and lesbians go to heaven? Sometimes I am perplexed at how I can get ticked off in the moment, sin angrily toward her and God. I do believe I was regenerated. I believe I became a new creation in Christ a quarter century ago. I still commit this same sin.

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    And this is not the only one. I have an on-going battle in my soul with self-righteousness, fear of man, not thinking the best about others and not exercising faith in God. And this is just part of my sin list. There is more! I lie at times in that I will present myself in a better light than I really am. I can be proud in the context of our small group by not being transparent and honest about what is really going on in my life.

    Am I ashamed. When my heart is right before God, my soul is very much aware of my on-going, post-salvation wickedness. I must say that I am more stunned by the Gospel 25 years after God saved me than when he first saved me.

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    Part of this is because I have a better understanding of my wickedness now than then. I get why Paul saw himself as the worst of sinners. I suppose I have opened my soul for your gaze. Guess what? I sin. God is helping as well.